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stan at group show b.y.u. 1968 stan at work

"My main objective from the inception of stanmcbride.com in 2004, is to write code that captures the ambiance of a well-lighted gallery without distraction from ubiquitous web sales and pop ups. Thank you for taking the time to visit and giving me the opportunity to show you examples of my work."
In 1953 when Stan was in the second grade at David D. Martin primary school in San Lorenzo, California, he submitted his entry for a poster design compitetion, which was open to the entire studentbody grades one through six. To everyone's amazement, he won first place, which included a $5.00 cash prize along with a write-up in the Hayward, California newspaper "The Daily Review".  This early experience instilled in him a desire to perhaps, one day become a real artist.
"As a child I was fascinated with color. Some of my earliest memories are of my mother's flower garden which attracted many beautiful butterflies and insects with their wonderful patterns and hue. I also had similar interests in the graphic nature of postage stamps and flags of the world. And still do!"
Stan was awarded first prize in painting in his sophomore, junior, and senior years at Sunset High School in Hayward, California. His teacher Frank Wight was the main reason for his early success in high school.  Just before graduating, Stan received a scholarship to the Academy of Art in San Francisco for the summer semester of 1964 and in the fall enrolled and majored in painting and minored in printmaking at Brigham Young University.
"While at Brigham Young University, my design professor, the revered Alex Darais, was instrumental in my development in the discipline of fine art. Gaining an understanding of the basic philosophy of the color-field, hard-edge genre of painters such as Joseph Albers, Frank Stella for example, influenced my style of minimal motifs, clean lines and bold color."
In his junior year at B.Y.U. Stan entered a watercolor titled: Millenial Spectrum at the Springville Art Museum's 53rd Annual National Art Exhibit and won Honorable Mention In Painting.  As a senior at B.Y.U. he was awarded the Faculty Merit Award For Watercolor.  The following year, he entered a hard-edge painting titled: Pyramid #2 in the 1972 Utah Painting and Sculpture Show at the Utah State Capitol Rotunda.  Pyramid #2 was accepted by the jury and also honored with the show's Merit Award For painting.  More shows and awards followed through the years.
"Photography has played a major role in my development as an artist with examples of some of my best images on display. Without the understanding of still photography, much of my artwork would not have been documented. last, but not least, my guitar amplifier website a.k.a STANZAMPZ.COM is currently under reconstruction here at stanmcbride.com."
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